December 16, 2011

Surprise Mail with a Squeal

Hey you, in California, Alaska, Utah, Virginia, or New York, did you hear it? Hear what you ask, my squeal of delight this evening when I went to fetch my mail out of the box, of course.

I love getting the mail as I have stated before because everyday a new surprise awaits me, and with Christmas cards arriving daily, my box is full of envelopes, and I LOVE it! 

Today's mail had several cards, a Red Plum coupon magazine, and a manila envelope. I took a peek at the return label, and I saw Tammy and Virginia, nothing registered. I couldn't pull into the garage and get my behind in the house fast enough, the curiosity was killing me.

The surprise envelope.

An envelope inside the envelope, the excitement builds.

Written on the envelope is a note that says:
When I saw this, I thought of you. 
Supposed to be vintage, but who knows.
I picked one up for myself, as well.
Merry Christmas!

Cute card and it had a clue who it was from right 
on the front, of the card, which I totally missed. 

It's from, Tammy who writes 

Inside the envelope was a pristine vintage
cardboard stand up, remarkably handsome Santa!

On the back, of Santa was an advertisement
to join the Christmas Club. I use to save for
Christmas using a Christmas Club many,
 many years ago. I remember the excitement
when the $25.00 check arrived.

Tammy, this was the best surprise, thank you very much, I love the Santa and will display him next to my table top tree with the vintage Shinny Brite ornaments.

The hint on the front of the Christmas card was the Scottie dog, Tammy claims that the Scotties run her household. Stop over and check out Tammy Loves Dishes, and see her beautiful tablescapes that she designs using thrift store purchases. 

Christmas is all about fellowship, giving, sharing, family, and friendships. When I started writing my blog in May, I never dreamed that I would make connections with so many incredible people. 

Thank you again Tammy I am still squealing with joy!


  1. I can't wait to see a pic of him next to the Shiny Brites!

  2. How lovely Paulette. I had a lovely surprise in the post too today, I had won a giveaway and received a beautiful heart brooch.I too have met lovely people through blogging, glad I started mine X

  3. Paulette, so glad you liked your surprise! As soon as I saw this Santa, I thought of you.

    My artist husband creates our Christmas card each year; it usually features our two Scotties, Scamp and Mitty.

    I just love blogland and the many wonderful people in it. Paulette, you are definitely among the best.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I love your vintage Santa. What a neat surprise.


  5. WOW! What great friends..and I do think that Santa is a vintage card..Very much fun finding something other than bill's in the mail!
    Makes the trip to the mailbox worth it!
    Merry Christmas!