December 15, 2011

Annual Christmas ornament exchange

Twelve friends got together for a Christmas ornament exchange ten years ago, and the tradition continues to this day. The number has dwindled, some have moved, and some have moved on, but on Saturday seven of the original twelve got together for brunch and the annual exchange. Three of our friends were unable to make this festive brunch because of illness, but I know they were there in spirit.

When we arrived the punch was waiting for us in a beautiful thrift shop punch bowl that came with matching glasses.

Purchased at a thrift store a month ago, this stunning cut 
glass punch bowl came with twelve matching glasses.

For brunch we had...
French toast bake

I loved all of the nuts on top.

Egg bake with cubed ham.

These potato's had a hint of garlic that I thoroughly enjoyed. 
I later found out she used a pound of making these, of course they were good!

Everything was delightfully delicious.

Everyone contributed something for the brunch.

All the packages were so nicely wrapped.
My package is the white with red polka dots.

These are the ornaments that were exchanged, 
it was a big year for Santa ornaments.
I gave the two silver ornaments top right.
Not a very good photo of them, but the were cute.

This is the ornament that I received.

Another exchange party and another wonderful Christmas memory for me.


  1. What a lovely event and the last ornament picture is spectacular.

  2. Stop! Stop! Your making me hungry. You could be one of those talented people who photographs food. I love your ornament - what a fun time.
    My parties are all done - just waiting for my plane ride.

  3. What a lovely tradition. The food looked really scrummy and I love the punch bowl set.Glad you had fun.X

  4. What a fun tradition! That punch bowl is awesome!

  5. the food is yumminess! and i LOVE your tradition of exchanging Christmas ornaments :) i might start that here too! thanks paulette for the idea :) and am glad u just cant wait to try out your japanese washi tapes :) have fun with it and dont forget to post pics :)

  6. What fun! I love the ornament you ended up with, it is so pretty.