February 27, 2013

Thrift Shopping Remorse ~ Vintage Sewing Patterns

Thrift shoppers remorse, I have had this problem many, many times, have you ever experience it?

While you are shopping for thrifty treasures you find an item that is perhaps priced a little to high for your liking or budget, or you just don't need another one for your collection, but after you leave the store the treasure is stuck in your mind, and you get thrift shoppers remorse. 

Well, that is exactly what happened with me the other day. I had an early morning errand, and on my way home there was a Goodwill. Not many cars were in the parking lot, so I checked my clock to find that it was a few minutes past nine. Of course, I turned into the lot and scurried into the store. 

I found a Pier One wrought iron plant stand with a wooden top for my daughter that was only $3.99. I guess the proverb "The early bird gets the worm" is true.

I decided to take a second walk around the store when the three tier metal rack in front of the cash wrap caught my eye. Sitting inside of the three tiers where sewing patterns, I would estimate that there were over one hundred fifty patterns with illustrations on the patterns that were vintage. 

I stood for over fifteen minutes looking and removing the patterns with illustrations that caught my eye. With at least forty patterns tossed in my cart, I headed for the table that all the husbands of thrift shoppers wait while their wives shop. Fortunately no one was at the table. 

I don't know how to sew, so I was purchasing these patterns for the illustration because I love ephemera. I narrowed the patterns down to 13, changing out different patterns several times. How I hated leaving those marvelous vintage patterns behind. 

These are the patterns that caught my eye and came home with me.

Fashionable maternity wear in 1934
Ladies and Misses Smock
1943 maternity dress/pinafore 
Skirt and blouse from 1942
Couldn't find an exact date for this one
1947 dress
Design from 1948
This 1948 dress has a detachable peplum.
I wouldn't need the extra pieces around
my tummy and rear end.
 This is what young ladies wore in 1948
1953 showed off fuller skirts
 1953 summer fashion is much like
what we wear in 2013
I'm glad I was just a baby in 1957, I wouldn't
have been able to pull off that waist line.
Teens were wearing this dress in the 1960's
With his 1940's pattern you could make
a camisole and a slip.

I went back the next morning to the GW to look through the patterns again, and the three tiered rack had different merchandise in it. I couldn't believe that so many would be purchased in less than 24 hours. I asked a clerk where they moved the patterns, and she told me some lady purchased all of them the night before.

There were a few patterns that I regretted not getting when I had the chance. I have finally learned that if I genuinely like the item I should just get it. No more buyers remorse for me. 



  1. They are lovely patterns.The average body shape has certainly changed over the years Paulette, hasnt it? Those tiny waists!!

  2. Those vintage patterns are wonderful! You could scan the covers and put them together in a picture frame. I've been hesitant about buying things at the thrift stores and after sleeping on it, went back to buy an item to discover it was not there anymore. Sometimes I get so mad at myself that it takes me days to get over it! You did find some nice patterns!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about thrift shopper's remorse. I have that a lot and never mind "days" to get over it - sometimes a lot longer! Amazing patterns. I particularly like the fifties ones. xx

  4. Those a gorgeous patterns! I've experienced shoppers remorse a time or two myself.

  5. Ahh yes, thrifter's remorse. I am familiar with this malady.

    Love the patterns you have chosen. There is something about these old patterns that is so charming.

  6. Great illustrations and at least you were able to look through them and choose your favourites. Just noticed one of my pet hates - price stickers right on the front - argh!!!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. I have about 10 of those old patterns from my grandmother's pattern box. Unlike you, I do sew and so did my mother and grandmother.

  8. Beautiful patterns! I hate thrift shoppers remorse!

  9. Definitely have experienced the ol' thrifters' remorse myself! You did get some lovely patterns. I have to say it is a major pet peeve of mine that thrift stores (especially GW and SA!) put the price tags right on the front! I have had beautiful things ruined by stickers and markers (the latter culprits being Unique and VV).

  10. Wow, those are some amazing patterns! It's too bad they put the price stickers right on the fronts- hope you were able to peel them off without too much damage. I sew and I have a large collection of vintage patterns already, but I'm sure I would have bought them all if I had found them! You managed to snag some great ones even if you didn't get them all :)