February 21, 2013

Can the Leprechaun and the Easter Bunny Coexist?

After putting away my Valentine decorations, 
I pulled out my St. Patrick's Day and Easter decorations. 

This green little Leprechaun and all his little friends 
are not terribly pleased that they have to share the lime light with 

. . . the Easter Bunny and all of his little friends.

I like it when we celebrate Easter in the month of April much better.



  1. Strange isnt it but I prefer it when Easter is in March! First bank holiday of the year and a day off work!

  2. Any decorations I might get out this month will have to share space with the Christmas cards I still haven't put away.....

  3. Ha ha, I just put away my Christmas snowflakes and my Valentine's tree! I prefer Easter in April too, my son just had a week off for President's holiday and will get another for Easter. I like it spread out a little more.

  4. I agree with you. Easter should be in April and it is a very rare occurrence to have Easter on my birthday.