February 13, 2013

Hearts by Page Hodel ~ Monday Hearts for Madalene

Since Valentine's Day is approaching I wanted to share with you some incredible hearts made by Page Hodel, from her book "Monday Hearts For Madalene." The book contains 100 photographed hearts made with everyday objects.

When Page met Madalene it was love at first sight, as a way to express her love for Madalene, she made  a heart with objects she had around her house. She placed the heart on Madalene's doorstep for her to find the next morning.  Madalene love the heart so much that Page continued to make one for her to find every Monday.  

Sadly Madalene died from ovarian cancer. Before she passed away, Page promised Madalene she would continue to make hearts for her for the rest of her life. You can read Page Hodel's story about the hearts here.

I hope you enjoy her incredible creations as much as I do.

“Bungee Heart” 

“Cray-o-la Heart”

“Pink Stamps"

“Letterpress Heart”


“Fish on Fire"

For more information about this book 


  1. What a beautiful love story. How loved was Madalene that a heart was left everyday for her and still is as a reminder of the love they shared.

  2. She was so very creative in her designs. Who would think to make a heart from a bungee cord?

  3. Kind of reminds me how on CBS Sunday morning they have the sun made out of different things.
    Happy Valentines Day dear friend!

  4. Sending hugs for you on this special day.