February 11, 2013

Thrift Finds

I found the coffee pot on the bottom shelf mixed in with the pots and pans, the snack trays were a few shelves over, around the corner mixed in with all of the coffee mugs/cups were the matching cups, and mixed in with all of the plates, saucers, and, bowls I found the sugar bowl and creamer.  I was a happy thrifter!

Such vibrant colors.  The handle design is
attractive, and I love the pedestal bottom.
The sleek snack tray holds the cup and your nibbles.
Matching sugar bowl and creamer.

This finial topped coffee pot stands eleven inches tall.
I believe that this Carlton Ware was
produced during 1960 - 1970.
Here is my my Carlton Ware orange and cream service for six snack set.
The prices at my local Goodwill have skyrocketed, and I have passed by several items because of the higher prices. I couldn't believe my eyes when I say the prices tags on the pieces of this Carlton Ware.

The sugar bowl, creamer, cups, and snack plates were priced at 49¢ each while the coffee pot was marked $1.99. Purchase price for this set was $7.85. 



  1. Ohhhh those are lovely! our thrift store prices have gone sky high too! what a shame :)

  2. Wow! What a bargain. Love the color x

  3. The prices over here at GW aren't any better. I see all kinds of people in Canada complaining on Value Village's wall about pricing, but it's not different at Goodwill.

    Housewares are a lot more reasonable at Value Village, I find, than at Goodwill. Also, the quality is better. You won't find empty containers of cat litter scattered on the shelves for $2 each.

  4. Just gorgeous! So vibrant I thought it was a new set......lucky you!
    I gave up on our Goodwill, the prices are ridiculous. $8 for a scratched up small pyrex bowl? I wont be back and now I give to another organization.

  5. Those are adorable!! You really got lucky, our Goodwill has gotten pricey too but I still drop in every now and then.

  6. Wow! First, what a fabulous retro set and second, THE PRICE!! Wow! Now that's a thrift "buried" treasure for sure. Way to unearth the goods!

  7. I often have to put things back at Goodwill because the price makes me shake my head and sigh. I had to laugh at how you found the pieces all over the store. I find myself spending exorbitant amounts of time searching the store for piece to sets. Usually you know it's there somewhere and if you look long enough you'll find it. This set is really something special. Love the cool shape of the coffee pot too.
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  8. This is an amazing find!!! Lucky! You should come by and share them at my link up. :)

  9. Those are incredible! I've never seen that pattern before. And the prices are even more incredible (our GW pricing has gone crazy, too!).

  10. What a great set for Valentine's Day! I have been noticing Goodwill's pricing is getting high, too! But I still find some treasures every now and again. Visiting from Wendy's Young Heart. xx

  11. That happens to me at Goodwill too. They separate items that are a set!!! Great find http://www.sewsweetvintage.com/2013/02/lombard-gable.html

  12. What a great set- at a great price! It pays to look high and low to find all the pieces of a set.