September 4, 2011

Thrift Finds

On my list of things that I would like to achieve is, get up early enough to arrive at an estate sale, so I can be number one, but if I were number one, I would have a hard time deciding where to go first and the number two, three, and four people would run over me. At Saturday's estate sale, very unusual to have an estate sale during a holiday weekend, my sister and I were twenty five and twenty six. Exactly at 9:00 A.M the first ten people were let in, five minutes later ten more were called to go inside. Our numbers will be called soon, and our group will be going in. I took a peek through the window to see if the picture I like has been snatched up by someone, to my surprise it's sitting on the table. They call our numbers I rush to the print it's selling for $125.00. I am unable to take it home with me.

This is the print I like but couldn't afford.

This house was jammed packed with stuff and my sister and I had a great time looking, poking around, and wishing that we could afford some of these items. I was able to find some things that I really liked.

This is a small perhaps child sized metal stool I almost didn't see the chair.

The chair was all covered up with stuff. By the way, I have buyers 
remorse because I didn't buy the wire basket and tray.

My first Dansk pot I almost missed this too.

Do you see the pot hidden under the other enamel pans?

I like the flowers on this FireKing loaf pan.

I have no ideas what these scissors are used for. 
I like how they look and feel in my hand.

A small wooden cheese box.

A magnifying glass, I am sorry to say that I have come
to that point in my life where I sometimes need to use one.

This little pinecone elf has such a sweet expression, 
but Santa seems scary.

I thought during the long cold, snowy winter months 
in Wisconsin I could learn how to braid a rug.

Can't wait to see what everyone else found thrift shopping.

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  1. Great finds! My mom had a pair of scissors like that in her sewing kit, if that helps...

  2. You walked away with some great things, I really love the chair. At the estate sales here everyone can go in once the doors are open, but it can get a little crowded especially at the really good sales.

  3. You found some great pieces at the sale, but I'm wondering what time that number one person arrived to get their spot in the line?

  4. Such cute finds! I have never been to an estate sale I probably couldn't get up earlier enough anyways!

    E :)

  5. Hei.
    Thats a chicken scissor,and its from China.
    To cut the bone instead of using a knife.
    Nice finds you got,I love woodenbox

  6. Yes, the print is beautiful, but you still got some great things. Love the wooden box.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. I have several wooden boxes; perhaps I will show them on my next blog.

  8. Awesome finds - especially that Dansk pot! I need to remember to slow down at estates and search for that hidden stuff.

  9. You found such lovely treasures!! I especially like that cute pine cone elf!

    Your blog is lovely. I look forward to reading more!

  10. love the blue chair and the fire king piece. I believe the scissors are for bonsai trees..

  11. Love the vintage Christmas stuff! Reminds me of the kind of things my Nanna put out.

  12. Nice Dansk pot, beautiful blue color! I found one too at Goodwill this weekend (see post). Love your blog by the way :-)