June 27, 2013

Thursday Thrift Finds ~ All By Myself

Church rummage sales are among my favorite kind of sales, prices are reasonable, and the items up for sale are often times real treasures.

My friend is the head of her church rummage sale and was watching the donations for Pyrex bowls for me. She called to report none were donated this year, but she hoped to see me on Saturday at the sale. I had to explain that I won't be able to attend this year, all the girls in the family are going to Lake Geneva to celebrate my sweet sisters birthday. Come on over today and shop we will be here until noon.

Three workers busy pricing last minute donations, setting up displays, and all the wonderful treasures were spread out in the church hall. I was getting first pick, a dream come true for me.

I did pick up a few items from the sale, handkerchiefs were priced at ten cents, such lovely tatting, and lace and the best part is that I always have a hankie in my purse or my coat pocket.

I have a weakness for matryoshka dolls/nesting dolls, and will pick them up whenever I find them if the price is reasonable. This set of matryoshka dolls/nesting dolls stamped made USSR was priced at only two dollars.

I thought this pin was whimsical and fun, I have no idea where White Oaks is located, but my coat lapel will be sporting this cutie come the wintertime.

I picked up a few cookbooks, and a biography about Madame Curie written by her daughter Eve Curie copy write 1939, and several children's book that I will share with you later.

If I would have had room for this blackboard, which is really green, it would have come home with me.

Two sided chalk board with a chalk tray, every child's dream.
Rowles company Arlington Heights, Illinois was priced at $15.00.

I was taking a quick peek through the clothes racks when I saw the dress hanging katywampus from the hanger. While I was taking these photos, my friend told me a story about the dress. It seems a parishioners daughter owned this dress, but she suddenly passed away. This dress has been sitting in a closet at the parishioners house for over twenty years, this year she was finally able to release the dress and donate it.
Strapless southern plantation style dress.
Pink lace, flowers with gold accents.
Made in the U.S.A an Loralie original.
After my friend told me the story about the dress she had a light bulb moment, instead of selling the dress she was going to donate it to our theater group in town. It will be a perfect costume for a play.

It makes me wonder about all the stories that thrift treasures could tell me if only they could talk.



  1. Dream come true indeed! First crack at the treasures! Oh, my!!

    That chalk board was fabulous. They really do not make them like that anymore.

    Those hankies are so sweet. Nice finds! And one can never have too many cookbooks, is my motto.

    Hope your weekend is fun and you and your sisters make and share some sweet memories.

  2. I agree...church sales are wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful time at Lake Geneva!

  3. Lucky you to be able to shop all by yourself! The hankies are so sweet, I love old tatting too. Great idea to donate the dress.

  4. Tell your sister Happy Birthday for me. You certainly did find some good buys.

  5. It's lovely that the dress is going to the theatre group so that it can be worn once again.

  6. You sound like me and my friends on the Pyrex front! That chalkboard I would love..but your right where would u put it!

  7. I was pleased to see the dress get donated to your local theater group. what a wonderful gesture! It's perfect for the stage!

  8. Church sales are simply the best! Your hankies are beautiful and the donated dress will be a great asset for a theatre group.