June 21, 2013

Steel Rimmed Strawberry Baskets and Fresh Strawberries

My friend picked me up for our lunch date, and as we were driving the back road to our destination, I spotted the homemade signs declaring a rummage sale. As my friend whizzed past the signs and the sale, she heard my loud intake of breath. "Did you want to stop at that sale?" she asked. "Why yes, yes I do", was my reply. She found the nearest driveway and turned around. I should mention that my friend is not a fan of vintage, mid century modern or rummage sales and thrift stores. Only a true friend participates in things that don't interest them. She is an awesome friend, indeed.

As we pulled into the rather long drive, I noticed many items that made my heart go pitter patter. I will show you everything I purchased in my thrift share Monday post, but I just needed to share these items with you today, because my daughter, sister and grandchildren picked strawberries and brought some to share with me.

Here are the objects of my affection.

Eighteen split wood berry baskets with metal trim, of which 
four are a larger size. Total cost of all the baskets, a meager $3.00.

Los Angeles Basket Co.
Bound with steel strip

Attractive steel strips of different colors surround each basket.

Don't these freshly pick strawberries look lovely?

Especially inside my vintage strawberry baskets.

Thanks for picking fresh strawberries and sharing them with me, dear loved ones. Now all I have to do is convince them to give me some of the strawberry jelly they are making. 

Freshly picked strawberries are the best, especially when some else does all the work!


  1. So who picks your strawberries for you?

  2. They are great Paulette! Those strawberries look so delicious.Ours are a way off being ready yet though but we have lots of plants and hopefully will have a bumper crop.

  3. Great find, Paulette! I have a stack of these, too, and love decorating with them in the spring and summer. Your strawberries are making my mouth water.