June 17, 2013

Polish Festival Sights

Ahh, Polish Fest how I enjoyed you. Polish Fest is a three day heritage festival held each June in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where everyone is welcomed to celebrate Polish heritage.

Here are some sights from around the festival grounds.

This is a Kapliczka, or small chapel/shrine that was prominently displayed as a silent witness of people's faith.

This sweet lady dressed in her Polish costume demonstrated how to make Jezyki aka Polish porcupine ball/Christmas ornament. It takes fourteen separate papers with rolled points to make an ornament.

Wianki or flower head pieces are iconic of the Polish culture. In Polish history girls and young women always wore them for special occasions.

Three stages were set up around the festival, two hosted bands with dance floors where everyone was welcome to dance the polka, and a cultural staged featured Polish folk dancers.

This band featured an accordion and a squeeze box, my cousin Ruth from Dian's Timpalley, father would play his accordion at some of our family functions, great memories.

The Polka Champ from 1984 is certainly proud of his dancing skills, and his twenty nine year old title.

Polish dance troops from many different states performed on the cultural stage. It was interesting to see how different the costumes were from each region in Poland.

Drop in tomorrow for part two of the sights from Polish Fest 2013.


  1. Fabulous pics, Paulette. I really like the porcupine balls and the floral headpieces. Stunning. Xx

  2. I get nothing Polish this year. Thanks for sharing.