June 4, 2013

Dinosaur Dessert Table

Children's birthday parties have become themed events, it starts with the invitations and carries through to the food being served.

I have memories of my children's birthday celebrations, when I used a Wilton cake pan, and a star tip on a pastry bag to decorate a Big Bird cake while adding some primary colored balloons for decorations. How excited they would get waiting for relatives to arrive to start the celebration. I thought I was hosting such a clever and exciting birthday party.

Today children's birthday parties are elaborate and fun. I was invited to a friends grandsons 2nd birthday party. When the invitation arrived with dinosaurs framing the clever wording inviting me to help celebrate Max's special day and have a dino-mite time. I got the idea the theme of the party would be dinosaurs.

When I arrived for the celebrations I was not disappointed, it was indeed a dinosaur themed party. The parents both had on tee shirts with dinosaurs exclaiming they were celebrating Max's birthday and Max had on a dinosaur shirt telling everyone he was the birthday boy.

The food was plentiful and delicious, children were served dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets along with  other delicious foods, adults were treated to smoked bar-b-que ribs, but what impressed me was the dessert table.

When I saw the dessert table I was blown away, the display was fantastic. I exclaimed, "They bought special plaques for the wall just for this themed party?" I was told to take a closer look at the plaques.

They are square brown paper plates with shapes of different dinosaurs cut from green construction paper. They look expensive and help complete the theme of the dessert table.

Cocoa Krispies were formed into nests 
with yogurt covered raisin used as eggs.

Mini valcano cakes

Plastic cups filled with Gorp to resemble stones and rocks had a 
plastic dinosaur roaming inside the cup that thrilled the children.

Two dinosaur nests filled with donut holes dipped in 
melted chocolate added color and height on each end of  table.

It was a fun birthday celebration for Max, and you know what I enjoyed myself too. 



  1. Wow! I think that it's really fun to go to themed parties The gorp cups look like individual tar pits!

  2. That looks like a brilliant party and I bet the children all loved it.

  3. What fun ideas! And the wall art? Brilliant!

  4. Birthday parties have come a long way!! Pretty impressive!!

  5. Someone put a lot of work into that party. I used to decorate a fancy cake for my kids and I thought that was a lot and I invited their friends over for a party.