June 14, 2013

Impromptu Picnic All Because of a Ham

A ham that was on sale and needed to be cooked and a beautiful day caused an impromptu picnic in my backyard.

I was going to have everyone sit, on the deck, to eat, but remembered that the tables from the rummage sale were still in my garage. I set up two tables in the shade and decided to put some of my thrifted tablecloths on, they were all mismatched, but added to the charm of the evening. The wind kept blowing my tablecloths off, so I grabbed two mason jars that had candles in them that I had previously used from the garage, my daughter added the pot of geraniums to the adults table. It was six o'clock in the evening with the summer sun still shining down from the west, but we still lit the candles.

A third table was set up to place the food on, my Polish pottery held the cucumber salad, potato salad, and corn on the cob. My vintage pitchers held lemonade along with the obligatory store bought bottle of Juicy Juice. A thrifted wooden basket held all of the necessary, eating utensils.

The children ate their meal quickly, and were up and playing in the yard while the adults were able to sit and enjoy their food, and each others company.

No picnic is complete if a watermelon isn't served, it was sweet and juicy. I let my seven year old grandson pick out the watermelon, I would stand of several minutes doing a thump test to the watermelon trying to find a good one. I now know just let your grandchild pick out the best one.

Harrison invited a few friends for dessert.

The obligatory photo of a silly face. 

I sat for a few moments and looked around the yard at the mismatched tablecloths and chairs, the children playing so nicely, and my children and their husbands chatting with each other, I realized it was a magical moment that memories were being made all from a last minute picnic on the lawn.


  1. Absolutely magical! How nice everything looked and what fun!

  2. Nothing better than eating outside with your family. Everything tastes and is better. ;))))

  3. Very nice! I like to move everyone out in the yard to eat too : )

  4. Sounds yummy except for the dinosaurs.

  5. Some of the best memories are just a relaxing evening with loved ones in the backyard. love this time of year when the bugs have not really started and it is still cool enough to enjoy the outdoors.

  6. It sounds and looks as if you had a wonderful time Paulette.

  7. What a wonderful evening - a time for making making magical memories.

  8. Lovely post Paulette. You are making great memories for your kids and grand kids!