June 3, 2013

Thrift Share

Before I started my blog, which just celebrated it's two year anniversary the end of May, I shopped thrift stores for my apron collection, dish towel collection, and my vintage slip collection. I'd run in check the racks for any good finds in those specific categories and leave.

After I started my blog a whole new world of collecting opened up to me, I found the blog of Sir Thrift A Lot, who introduced me to Pyrex and pop culture memorabilia. He hosts a weekly link party titled Thriftasaurus, click over and join his fun party.

Jill from the blog A Little Bit of Everything, enthusiasm for Vera scarves has started my newest collection.

There are many blogs that have inspired and educated me on different subjects that are now a part of my daily reading routine. Bloggers thank you for taking the time to sit down and write your blogs that have touched my heart, made me laugh, taught me a skill, be it cooking, sewing, or crafting. I appreciate each and every one of you.

This weeks thrift finds were inspired by the two bloggers I mentioned earlier, Sir Thrift A Lot and Jill.

The theme for my grandsons fifth birthday party was super heroes, so of course, I purchased the Ninja Turtles lunch bags to use as party bags. They were perfect and affordable.

I couldn't resist this Portland pattern pitcher! Look at the handle and the rim of this heavy pitcher, beautiful. The look of lemonade inside the pitcher is provided by a Vera tea towel, cute, cute, cute.

Notice Vera's signature lady bug on the right lemon?

Cute graphics surround a Lemon Meringue Pie 
recipe on this Vera tea towel.

I found a few Vera scarves that caught my eye at an estate sale. I am looking forward to Valentines day when I can use the red and white heart scarf, it's my favorite one.

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  1. What a novel way of showing your pitcher with the lemon towel inside!

  2. That is a beautiful pitcher and I love the tea towels, so sweet and pretty!

  3. Paulette, the pitcher is gorgeous and I love the tea towel in it! I also love to find things for my Grandson thrifting. It's how I can get most of the goodies I give him. Diann and I thank you for joining TTF this week! Great finds on the Vera scarfs!


  4. So, I am responsible for your latest collection!! Hah!! But, isn't it fun?? You found some beautiful Vera's , it's really amazing to see all the beautiful patterns!! The heart one is just sweet!!

    Love the dish towels, I haven't had any luck finding those yet, someday....

  5. i never find any GOOD tea towels never mind GORGEOUS ones! you are so lucky!

  6. Lucky you! I need to visit our local thrift stores more often, I can tell!

  7. Oh I love the Ninja Turtles, my oldest son was crazy over them when he was little!

  8. mmmmm loving the vera goodies!

  9. I like your scarf with the hearts.

  10. Great finds! I didn't know Vera items typically have a lady bug. Now I know what to look for!

  11. Whenever I see something Vera, I am reminded of Jill! Isn't it great how we can be so inspired by our blog friends?

    Have a great day!


  12. I love the lines of that pitcher -- just beautiful!

  13. Gorgeous pitcher! I bet it's nice and heavy, too.
    I love the Vera lemon tea towel. I really rarely see Vera towels or scarves; guess that's why they're so collectible. Nice finds!