June 19, 2013

Someone Else's Memories Tossed in a Box

Walking past a broken down, tattered box you spot one item inside. How much do you want for this? If you take the whole box it's two dollars. I often come home with a box full of junk so I can have that one item.

This is what caught my eye inside the dilapidated box.

This is one of the sweetest photos. Looking at the photo brings back such fond memories of the front porch where I would play tea party with my friends, and if they weren't around my parents. 

What a sweet angelic smile touches this little girls lips, how ladylike she has crossed her ankles while she pours tea for her guest.

I find it hard to believe that a family member would not cherish this photo, rather than toss it in a rummage sale box. 

Also found in the ragged box was this type written obituary or perhaps it was to be a newspaper article, either way it was/is a very tragic story about a women's rayon dress catching on fire, her daughter who lived next door who came to her aid and her demise.

Family memories tossed in a broken down, tatter box from a house that needs to be cleaned out before they can sell it. Makes me wonder if my children will cherish my items, my memories that I have boxed up and have stored in my basement, or will someone in the future attend a rummage sale and purchase a broken down, shabby box filled with a few of my keepsakes.


  1. More than likely that our cherished objects will find their way into a dump somewhere. What is cherished by one is junk to another but your photo you found is adorable.

  2. Isn't it sad when you see something so sweet just discarded! I feel that way about old family photos found at an antique store. Why?? The photo you have there is a real treasure.

  3. J has just 2 photographs of his Dad and no photographs of his grandparents. We would treasure photographs of our ancestors, but not everyone is the same. I sometimes see old photographs at the carboot sale and wonder how they ended up there.

  4. Having sifted through my in-laws' treasures when they finally moved out to a care facility at 92 and 93, i know what your family thinks is junk. My sister-in-law (their only daughter) would have nothing to do with the old stuff. We recently bought out most of her share of the inheritance. If I had not sorted through all the stuff and just dumped it, there would have been no inheritance! Now our only son has his great-grandparents', grand-parents', and our "treasures" to probably send to the landfill. And I couldn't even give it away a few weeks ago. (Sigh)

  5. We have the same heart and feelings..but then I knew that. It is a adorable picture. I am glad it is in your hands.

    Things happen so quickly, right now I am trying to get our family bible from 1767 back to IL from Iowa where it is with a distant cousin who has developed Alzhemiers and I know her kids don't care about it. I do and many do..but things happen and get shoved in a box and sold ;(

  6. That is a lovely photo and its so sad to read the obituary. I have all my mum and dads old family photos because I doubt anyone else would want to keep them and besides which I treasure them. What will happen after I go is anyone's guess.

  7. Such a sweet photo! I took all the family photos from my father in law's estate to save for my children. Hopefully they will want them, but first I must get them sorted. We take so many these days we may overwhelm our children and they won't feel the value.