June 12, 2013

My Thrift Purchase ~ The Pits

The weather seems to be a hot topic for the midwest with a so-called Derecho weather pattern in the Midwest that could produce severe windstorms in areas with gusts as strong as 100 mph. I of course have dead batteries in my portable radio and flashlights so off to the store I went.

Coupons in hand I headed to my local grocery store who was offering double coupons today. I grabbed all of the items on my list, but today I decided to deviate from my list and treat myself to a bag of plump, deep dark red cherries.

Right across the street from the grocery store is a Goodwill, and I decided to take a quick look around. This Goodwill store is in the process of remodeling, and is taking on the appearance of other GW stores in the area, so items are being shelved in strange places. While walking down the Christmas, yes they have a Christmas isle and an isle that shares Halloween, Easter and Valentine's items, I found something I don't need or ever thought I wanted.

A cherry pitter, hey I said to myself you just purchased cherries, so for 99¢ I bought it.

A total impulse purchase, but it's so much fun to use! Have you had any impulse purchases lately?

By the way, the cherries are juicy, sweet, and a wonderful treat.



  1. Perfect Paulette, you were meant to have it!

  2. Enjoy your cherries. They look delicious! I was tempted at Walmart on Saturday, but they were $9.00 for a large bag. My hub and I can have dinner at Wendy's for that price! So no cherries for us. But I do have a cherry pitter somewhere in a kitchen drawer ;)

  3. OOhh I love cherries! The pitter though, hmm.

  4. You were in the right place at the right time!

  5. You were lucky, Pampered Chef is really expensive kitchenware that lasts forever.

  6. Oh I love bing cherries but now it would be a splurge. Great little device you picked up, you just had to buy the cherries!

  7. That pitter had your name on it! We have enjoyed seasonal cherries as well the past few weeks. A once a year treat!