June 10, 2013

Thrift Share

I'm signing about Pyrex
Just holding my Pyrex
What a glorious feeling
To find some Pyrex

Pyrex has been illusive on my thrifting adventures, on rare occasions I find a piece that has an imperfection, like a large chip out of the rim. Who buys chipped Pyrex? Oh, that would be me in my early days of Pyrex collecting, but I have learned from my mistakes, or I like to think I do.

Early American oval casserole with a lid.

Along with a three piece round casserole set.

While I was walking around the rummage sale, I saw the Pyrex sitting on the table, I gasped and grabbed my prize, Pyrex. No price tags, turning to the lady, who was around my age, I asked the price. I got those for a wedding gift, she replied, but you can't use them in the microwave because of the gold on the brown bowls. You can have them all for three dollars.

I figure the lady was in her early 60's so she must have married in late 1960's or early 1970's. These bowls weren't used much, so the condition was excellent.

Brittany Blue shallow baking pan #486.

This baking pan also doubles as a lid for the Pyrex #485 casserole. This Pyrex casserole is not on my items I'd like to find.

Pyrex rectangular pan in the Friendship pattern.

Both of the baking pans were purchased at a church rummage sale for one dollar each.

I have already used this round 4 quart Spring Blossom casserole
for a pot luck dinner, and my potato salad not only tasted great,
but it look so pretty inside my $2.99 Pyrex from the 1970's.

This Pyrex #471 was only priced at $1.00 
and is a perfect size to hold leftover.

I have no idea whom the maker of this fun covered dish is, but I thought the shape was delightful, and the graphic of the flowers were irresistible to me.

It appears that my Pyrex is over, and that is why I'm Singin' about my Pyrex.

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  1. Oh Paulette! I'm so jealous of all your Pyrex! They are beautiful!

  2. I remember having lots of pyrex in the 1980's. Sadly lots of it got broken along the way and I mostly have plain glasswares now.There is a real nostalgic feel about your post Paulette.

  3. Great to know that there are collectors of this fun kitchenware. I went the Corningware direction after visiting the factory in New York back in the late 1980's. And my MIL knocked over my prize casseroles and they smashed to smithereens.

  4. The last one is federal. Great pyrex finds!! So cheap to.thefriendship is the best.

  5. I love them all! I think the baking pan is my favorite!

  6. What a wonderful bounty! Love the Friendship!

  7. I love the Friendship piece, I've never seen one of those, at least not at my kind of price!. Nice finds!!

  8. Ooooooooh.....lucky!! I found that same Friendship lasagna pan at the flea market and it is one of my favorites. I use it all the time! The piece with the brown flowers is actually made by Federal Glass. I used to have the same piece but my Pyrex addiction forced me to purge anything not Pyrex:-)


  9. I love vintage Pyrex and use it often - I made an apple and rhubarb crumble in a cream and black gooseberry piece on Sunday.
    I especially love your Spring Blossom piece.

  10. Great finds and deals! I think that last one is delightful, even if it's not Pyrex.

  11. ohhhh the friendship pyrex is so so lovely!

  12. A tap dance for Pyrex! I have a friend who just ADORES the Early American pattern, she loves all things colonial. What a great score at $3.00! Im also green with envy over your Friendship casserole find for a mere $1.00!!! I'd be singing about Pyrex too!

  13. I really enjoy seeing posts about Pyrex! I love to use it but have very little anymore now that my kitchen is small. Weep, weep!