July 8, 2013

UnPlugged Play Day

Sometimes it's nice to have an unplugged play day, a day when the grandkids don't use the ipad, computer, television, ipod, Nintendo DS, you get the picture. We use our imaginations, do outside activities, play board games, read books, art projects, and just talk to each other.

When I am out thrift shopping, I am always on the lookout for games that the grandchildren can play. I came across this Lotto game by Milton Bradley from the 60's for just 99¢, how could I pass up this fun game.

Three by five cards made from sturdy card stock.

Eighty wooden numbers in red.

Paper grid for the numbers after they are called.

All fits into a small box for easy storage.

I have enjoyed teaching my grandchildren how to play dominoes, they didn't like playing dominoes as much as I did, Kings in the Corner, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, and Tiddlywinks. All of these games, where thrift purchases and were very inexpensive. 

Keep an eye out for board games while you're thrift shopping perhaps you might like to have an unplugged day with your family.

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  1. Great idea the Unplugged Day! Not just for kiddies, I trust. ;)

  2. Old fashioned games are a great idea.

  3. Wonderful, fun games! Love the Unplugged Day idea.

  4. Wonderful, fun games! Love the Unplugged Day idea.

  5. Yes, those are the games we played as kids and they are more social than the individual video games on computers, ets.

  6. Kindred spirits we are! One of the thrift stores I visit prices their games incredibly low. (Shhhhhhh. Don't tell them or they might raise their prices like many of the others!) Our game closet is well stocked and, next to the books shelf, is where our grandchildren head when they come for a visit!

  7. I love the old simple games. Any Pick Up Stix? One of my favorite growing up! Kids need UNPLUGGED days!

  8. I prefer the old games too. We used to always have one of those games on the go when I was a kid but we called it Bingo!

  9. One of the shops I go to often has games and puzzles for free - what a deal but I never see anybody buying them!! Don't kids play games anymore? i loved games and still do, my daughter is the same way, my son, not so much!

  10. You find the best stuff! I do like to keep my eyes open for vintage games. Often, I'll bring them home and my husband will remember playing the game as a child. The graphics alone are worth picking them up.

    I love the idea of Unplugged Play Day. My daughter's boyfriend has re-introduced us to board games. Which reminds me, we haven't had a game night in a while. It's time we do!