July 10, 2013

My Favorite Mug(s)

It appears that I am a creature of habit, first thing every morning I grab a mug, place in under my Keurig, and wait, for my first sip of coffee, to finish brewing.

In the evening, I will often fix myself a cup of tea while reading or watching television, and in the blustery winter months I will fix a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

I have recently noticed that I prefer a select few cups/mugs for my coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

These are the mugs that I will reach for every morning. I will use a different mug every morning for my coffee. I seem to rotate between these four mugs, they fit perfectly in my hands, and the coffee seems to tastes better inside one of these mugs.

For my evening tea I use a cup with a saucer, the thin porcelain of this cup is just perfect for my tea.

Recently while thrift shopping I spotted a tea cup set and a vintage coffee cup, each piece priced at just 49¢ each. 

How chic I will be using these stunning tea sets while reading or watching television.

The blue bird sitting on the flowering tree branch caught got my attention, so I picked up this vintage coffee cup to have a better look. I was surprised to find the branch sitting owl on the opposite side of the cup. Everything about this cup had that wonderful vintage feel to it. 

And then I noticed the words written on the cup, the happy blue bird sitting on the branch with sunny skies declares Good Morning Darling while the rain soaked owl says Good Morning You Ole Grouch!
I love the vintage cuteness of this cup, and it holds 14 ounces of liquid, that's a lot of coffee.

While these new thrifted cups and mug are washed and waiting for me to grab them from the shelf, I still have not used them.  Like I said I am a creature of habit.


  1. Aren't we ladies strange creatures palette? I have certain cups I prefer especially for my early morning cuppa.

  2. Oh, that little bluebird stole my heart! How darling is that! :-)

  3. Those little birds on the cups are very cute. Enjoy your cuppa.

  4. Such pretty tea sets and cute mug : ) I must have 20 mugs from all over and usually rotate between 2!

  5. We always seem to have our favorites!! Your new ones are cute though!

  6. Hello :)

    I loved your mugs! Especially the one with the blue bird. So cute! I also have favorite mugs to drink my tea. I don't drink coffee, sorry, but I do love tea!

    In the morning I usually go for black tea, namely Earl Grey and in the afternoon / evening I tend to drink herbals to help me relax since I have trouble sleeping. Do you have any favorite types of tea?