November 13, 2011

Thrift Share

It has been a beautiful weekend in southern Wisconsin temperatures were in the high 50's and for a few hours in the low 60's.

I took advantage of the warm weather and breeze on Saturday by washing all of my bedding and hanging it on the clothes line in my backyard. I love climbing into a fresh from the clothes line bed.

Because of the weather I didn't spend much time thrift shopping, but I manage a stop at a family run estate sale on Friday morning.

Inside the garage among tools, and a whole
 lot of junk was this little drop leaf maple table.

I like, how the panels swing out to hold 
up the leaves to make a small oval table top.

Priced at $10.00 the top does need some TLC but I am sure that with sanding and some stain this sweet table will look beautiful. 

This salt glazed lamp was $4.00, and I thought 
it was cute. Now I need to find a shade.

This box had some old and new ornaments  
and was $5.00. I probably paid too much.

I'm looking forward to see what everyone else found this week.

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  1. Great finds! I always enjoy viewing the ornaments people find and that table has lovely unique features.

  2. Oh! The table is GORGEOUS! I am always a sucker for Christmas ornaments too!

  3. Paulette, you are like a magnet for vintage Christmas ornaments. Lucky lady. The table was a super buy. It will be fabulous once you give it a little TLC.

  4. You will need a big Christmas tree this year.

  5. That table was a steal in my opinion. That little lamp is adorable.

  6. I love, love, love the lamp, very festive and full of fun

  7. I wish I could find vintage ornaments! :0(

    Thanks for linking up - jealous of your table too. x