November 1, 2011

Floured Bacon

I enjoy finding older books while I thrift shop from children's books to religious books, and any kind in between. Not only do I buy old books I also read them. Case in point the subject of this blog.

It appears that I have started a small collection of Heliose books, at this point I have five books. I started reading this Heliose book on Friday evening.

My choice for Friday evening reading.

While reading this book on page 18 I found this recipe, and it peaked my interest.

So on Saturday morning I was...

Getting the ingredients ready to follow the recipe.

Prepping my bacon by dipping it in flour before it hits the fry pan.

Heat turned up to medium, and the floured bacon began to cook.
I must admit that it did not splatter grease everywhere, 
and the shrinkage was minimal.

The floured fried bacon.

I am curious no longer and have come to the realization 
that it is much easier to  cook bacon in a microwave.

Clarification: The floured fried bacon was crisp and tasted very good, but with microwaves being a household staple in this day and age I  wouldn't go to all of the trouble of flouring my bacon again.


  1. Just looking at that bacon is making me feel hungry for a bacon butty with HP sauce - yum!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Yuuum, that looks amazing! With amazing reading to boot.

  3. Does that mean that you didn't like the bacon with flour on it?

  4. i'm confused...the bacon looks great...did it not taste good?

  5. Yummm, BACON! I think I like bacon done in any way as long as it's crispy. I have heard that cooking bacon in the oven is an easy way to prepare, but I must confess, I usually pull out the fry pan. Unless it's turkey bacon (which is most of the time around here), and then it's microwave all the way.

  6. I do my bacon in the oven on a cookie sheet. No hassle and comes out great every time. I have a big family though so end up cooking a full pack every time. Might not be so energy friendly for just a few slices.