November 16, 2011

Persimmons Are Here ❤

I was introduced to persimmons about eight years ago while having dinner at my friends house, and I loved them from my first bite. Today while walking in the produce isle I spotted the persimmons. They had two varieties, the Hachiya and the Fuyu. Be still my heart.

A persimmon is a fruit with a sweet flesh. They can be enjoyed fresh, dried or cooked. The fuyu persimmon is shaped like a tomato, and the hachiya is shaped like an acorn. 

It's important to know the differences between these two types of persimmons. Fuyu persimmon can be eaten when the fruit is hard like an apple or when the pulp is soft. I peel the skin and gobble it up. The taste is between a mango and an apricot.

Fuyu persimmon 

Hachiya persimmon needs to be fully ripen before you eat one. The color will be a deep orange and the fruit should be squishy. I cut the hachiya in half and spoon out the yummyness. If you eat the hachiya persimmon before it's ripe you will get an AWFUL taste in your mouth, like when you accidentally eat a piece of the inside of the walnut.

Unripe Hachiya persimmon

This is what a Hachiya persimmon should
look like before you attempt to eat it.

If you have never had a persimmon before, give the 
fuyu persimmon a try you won't be disappointed.

Two years ago today my sister and I lost our brother to kidney cancer. 

We miss and love you, Don.

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