November 23, 2011

Chicago Visit Part II

After our experience at the Walnut Room, we headed to Garrett Popcorn Shop for some of the best tasting popcorn around. I always get the Chicago mix, which consists of cheese flavored popcorn, and carmel corn mixed together. I might add all of the popcorn is fresh, and many times the carmel corn is still warm. *sigh*

Chicago Mix from Garrett's

We were very lucky the line was short, and we were 
in and out with our bags of popcorn within 15 minutes.

Later in the day the line was very long.

We hailed a cab and headed to the Magnificent Mile, Michigan Ave. I needed to purchase something for my friend who couldn't make the trip at American Girl. The people, the children, and the dolls were everywhere. Thank goodness what I needed was on the first floor.

Crate & Barrel with three floors of wonderful goodies was next. I made a mental note of everything I liked and put it on my thrift shopping wanted lists. Why pay retail when you can pay thrift prices.

It was approaching 1 o'clock, and I headed towards Williams-Sonma for...

This was the purpose of my trip to Chicago.
The conclusion of my trip on Saturday.


  1. What a wonderful trip! Can't wait for the final chapter. I like to window shop Crate & Barrel too!