November 10, 2011

Lamper Berger

People have favorite fragrances/smells that they enjoy. I have a signature cologne that I wear every day (Amazing Grace by Philosophy) I like the smell of bleach the scent of fresh coffee in the morning perks me up I do not like the smell (or taste) of cinnamon, cat littler box odors, and the smell of dogs in the house on a humid day. 

We all strive to have our homes smell pleasant and fresh, and use things like Glade products by SCJohnson (located in the town next to mine, great place to work),  Febreze by Procter & Gamble, potpourri, scented candles, and incense just to name a few items that I have used.

Several weeks ago while thrift shopping I came across a box that contained a Lampe Berger.

Sold at the GW Boutique for $3.99.
(GW Boutique is my name for Goodwill)

I am familiar with this product because my niece, has one in her home but I never wanted to spend the money for one when I had so many other choices. I opened the box of the Lampe Berger and found that it had never been used. Inside still in plastic and small boxes was the bottle, wick, funnel, directions, and jewelry for the bottle.

The Lampe Berger works by filling the bottle using the funnel that is included with parfum fragrance/oil. I decided to purchase the Lampe Berger fragrance from a local boutique in downtown Kenosha.

The shop offered several different fragrances, but I choose fresh linen.

I did have a small attack of sticker shock the bottle was priced $20.00, and I am a thrift shopper that is always on the look out for a good deal, but I decided to treat myself. 

I have now added fragrance oil to my list of things to look for while thrift shopping.

The bottle is filled with the oil, and you insert the wick that has an attached burner light the burner for two minutes, blow out the flame, and place the open shade over the burner.

Within seconds, I could smell the fragrance enveloping my room, ah it was lovely. I am in love with this pretty little bottle that fills my room with the wonderful smell of fresh linen. I have decided that I will treat myself and my home by purchasing a new bottle of oil when I run out. Perhaps a Christmas fragrance would be nice.

This post is not a paid endorsement for 
any of the companies that I have mentioned. 


  1. Very nice indeed. Jewels to boot - how fun.

  2. I'm a Pure Grace girl myself!

    I've never heard of Lampe Berger; I'll have to watch for this when thrifting.

  3. Very cool! I've never heard of Lampe Berger.