November 30, 2011

Texting Gloves - I Need Some

Yesterday was a blustery day in southern Wisconsin and was the first time I needed to wear gloves to keep my hands nice and warm. While in my backyard, retrieving my garbage cans that were being tossed around like a beach ball from the wind my cell phone rang. I pulled it out of my coat pocket and touched the screen to answer my call and discovered you cannot use your touchscreen phone when you are wearing gloves. 
Who knew? To my surprise many people knew and, in fact, have found a way to make gloves so your hands are warm and you can use your touchscreen phone.
One option comes from Michael Kors who makes a Jersey Stitch Texting Glove with a fold over thumb and pointer finger.

I'm guessing that you stick your finger out of the slit, so you can answer your phone or text. I think it might be easier to  take your glove off using your teeth while driving instead of poking your finger out of a slit.
Isotoner has smarTouch Gloves that lets you to keep all of your fingers and thumb inside of the glove and allows you to use most touchscreen devices.

Just from looking at the photo it appears that the index finger and thumb have something on it that will allow you to answer your touchscreen phone. You don't have to take these off. smarTouch gloves for men and women can be purchased knitted, made with leather, and with the famous Isotoner stretch material. 
Upon further investigation, which actually means I used google, I found that some gloves have tips on all ten digits.

Pictured gloves - Five Point Gloves

Perhaps you have a fondness for a certain pair of gloves but you still need to use your touchscreen phone. Don't worry someone made Glove Tips, so you can still use your favorite pair of gloves!

Consumers can watch You Tube videos that will demo the Glove Tips, How Glove Tips Work, wouldn't that be the same as a demo, and How to install Glove Tips.
Because of the blustery weather I now I have some gift ideas for loved ones and friends who love to text. I just need to decide which texting gloves to buy. Any suggestions?

PS - I am not advocating using any kind of mobile device while driving. In the state of Wisconsin, you will receive a citation for texting while driving. While I am sometimes guilty of talking on my cell phone, when I am driving I do realize that it is dangerous for others and myself.
However, there are times when I am wearing gloves and NOT driving that I need to use my touchscreen phone. That is why I posted this blog about texting gloves.


  1. I had no idea that it was hard to use a glove for touch screens. Good blog.

  2. i saw these on sale @ HMart last week...$12.99 a oaur

  3. Please, please, please - May I suggest you not use your touch screen while driving - very dangerous, and (rightfully) illegal here in Canada.
    Have you ever followed someone on a cell phone or other device while driving? It's easy to tell what they're doing!