June 19, 2011

Treasures from a Thrifty Weekendl

Warm breezes, clear skies, with the temperature in the low 70's made for a perfect day of thrifting. That's what I thought and planned on. You know what the say; the best-laid plans.....

An area in our town is named Allendale and is located near Lake Michigan, with some homes right on the lake front. This is an established neighborhood dating back to the late 1800's, with lovely old home. They held the annual Allendale neighborhood rummage sale this weekend.  Up and out the door early, with visions of good deals dancing in my head. What's the fastest route? I see the signs and stop at my first rummage sale, excitement.

My first purchase of the morning was miss matched shoe horns.  I love the colors and have a pair of boots badly in need of some shoe horns.  The woman running the sale made sure to tell me that they were antique. That became the word of the day.  Wonderfully decorated children chairs with vibrant colors and designs could be  bought for twenty dollars each.  They were antique.  I went to pay for my shoe horns and mental head slap, I forgot to stop and change my hundred dollar bill into smaller bills. Lucky for me a ten dollar bill, was stashed behind my drivers license.
Next sale (after all I still have nine dollars and of course the hundred dollar bill) I stop at had a green scale and the decal says it's made in Chicago, Illinois. No price.  "How much is your scale?' I ask.  You tell me what you would pay for it; it's an antique. She wanted twenty dollars for it.  I liked it, but I didn't love it twenty dollars worth.  So went my morning in Allendale.

I drove to the bank changed my hundred dollar bill into smaller bills, and headed to a church rummage. This was the last day of the sale, and I knew it would be slim pickins. I am so glad I decided to stop because I found my favorite piece.

An embroidered tablecloth with this lovely lady in each corner.

I love, love, adore the crochet lace and these cheerful flowers in between each beautiful lady.

Betty Crocker's cookbooks; 1956, 1971 and 1973. I couldn't resist.

From the1956 cookbook.

My watch and my stomach are telling me its is lunchtime, so I am heading home, and lo and behold I see church rummage sale.  I can't help myself, and I follow the signs.  They are handing out bags as I enter,  and we are told one dollar for everything you can fit inside the bag. 

Linen placemats made in Sweden and new with tags, tea towels.

Amish-Butterprint, Pyrex bowl.

Sweet handerchiefs.

Gap lambs wool scarf and hat.

Fisher Price knee and wrist guards.

Colorful childs crochet blanket.
All of this in one bag for one dollar, happy dance.

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  1. You are a renown shopper. I especially like the place matts with the Swedish horses. In the middle of Utah, the town of Ephraim celebrates an annual Swedish fest. Several years ago, I danced with a group from Salt Lake at this fest. We performed dances from Norway and Sweden in costume. After our last performance, we just roamed around and looked at all the handcrafts and had roasted turkey.

  2. Okay, I found a photo and it is really called the Scandia Festival.

  3. You did really well! I love the table cloth!

  4. What a nice collection of finds!! Congrats!!
    My thrifting seems to be on a dry spell...but it will get better! lol

  5. Some good finds and I suspect a fun day. Love the table cloth and the placemats. ~ Sarah

  6. I'm so glad you found the fun church sales after your experience at the "antique" rummage sales. I have been to sales such as that and they really are disappointing.

    The embroidered vintage tablecloth is gorgeous. Won't you have fun looking through those cookbooks? The photos and illustrations are such fun.

    $1 per bag? Wow! I haven't been to such a sale. You managed to find some really cool things to fit into your bag. Those hankies caught my eye. Great thrifting!

  7. Great finds! You really made the most of that $1 bag, especially with that PYrex!!

  8. Great finds - love the crinoline lady tablecloth - fantastic!

  9. Wow! Some of the items purchased looked familiar and brought back childhood memories! Does that mean I'm an antique?