June 6, 2011

Thrift Share Monday

 Linking up to  Her Library Adventure for Flea Market Finds and Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday. I enjoy looking at every ones thrift finds and finding new blogs to read. 

At this rummage sale, all books were 50¢ BUT at 1:00 p.m. they shouted everything 1/2 price. I was holding The New Century Dictionary, volume A, but I didn't see volume B anywhere, but for 25¢, I brought it home. I like how it looks and how it feels, it was published in 1937, and I wonder what words did people look up. Perhaps a love letter or a Dear John letter, I hope not.

Lovely graphics in the dictionary, don't you think?

I couldn't resist these beauties either, could you?

5¢ was all it took to bring this sweet how to booklet home.  

The glass server was one of the first things that caught my eye at the rummage sale.
Priced at $5.00, I walked away. When things went 1/2 price, I thought for sure it would be gone. As you can see I picked this pretty server up for $2.50.
I enjoy hankies and always have one in my purse.  So these sweeties became mine, 3 for 50¢.
The fabric in the background of the last two pictures has pink borders and flowers. It feels like heavy flannel it is soft and the edges are bound.  I believe it is a table cloth, but have never seen one made with this kind of fabric.

My first piece of Pyrex! I have to admit that I never looked twice at these bowls, but after reading several blogs about Pyrex, well I saw this bowl and snatched it up for $2.99.  No lid but the bowl is in great condition.  Now I am on the hunt for a 1 quart lid for my snowflake bowl.

I enjoyed my time looking for things I loved with my sweet sister. Can't wait to look at all of the other Thrift Share Monday finds. Thanks everyone for sharing.


  1. I never really looked at Pyrex before either, but I've started taking a closer look at it when I'm out shopping now. Just imagine all the Pyrex that we've missed!

  2. I love ALL of your treasures. So lovely, especially the snowflake Pyrex! :-)

  3. What do you do with all those books? I have a partial set of old encyclopedias that are red small hand size - they belonged to my grandparents. Copyright 1931, Funk & Wagnalls New Standard Encyclopedia or Universal Knowledge under the direction of Frank H. Vizetelly. They have a few drawings too.

  4. to Ruth, I plan on using some pages for decoupage and I have seen beautiful flowers made with book pages, on several blogs. The blogs gave directions on how to make wreaths and flowers. I do so enjoy the blog community.

  5. Amazing, beautiful books -- I just love buying old books! Hankies, too! Great prices, I'm jealous!

  6. oh great finds, I love the crochet pattern book .. 5c you have to be kidding!! wonderful bargain♥