June 22, 2011

Did you wash your baby doll in the kitchen sink when you were young?  I remember standing on a chair with an apron wrapped around my chest giving my baby her bath. Water was slopping all over the counters down the cabinets and on the floor.  My patient mother kept reminding me to keep the water in the sink. As my girls got older they too washed their baby dolls in the sink. I reminded yelled to keep the water in the sink. Yesterday my sweet, Lou Lou Belle, washed her baby doll in the sink. I let the water spill on the counter tops, down the cabinets, and on to the floor.  I guess it's true history does repeat it's self.

Little Lou Lou Belle wearing one of my rummage sale aprons.
A 1950's vintage Sun Rubber Constance Banister doll getting a good wash up.

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