June 7, 2011

Help Me Become a Tea-Totaler

I don't drink tea. It's not that I dislike tea, I just never think to buy it.  When I'm not feeling well, people will tell me, "drink tea it will make you feel better." I don't because I have no tea in my house.

However, I have tea pots. Brown tea pots with beautiful painted designs on them with gold trim.  Different sizes, shapes, and various colors of brown.  Some stamped made in Japan, and others just are stamped Japan.  No idea of the maker, or if they are collectible.  I just like them.

Several years ago I spotted my first brown tea pot, and I immediately picked it up and brought it home.  It seem that every time I went into a thrift store I would see one, and of course, I brought it home with me.  I haven't noticed many of these beauties sitting around the shelves lately.

While reading my favorite blogs, people were purchasing fancy mugs to drink their tea from, others were drinking tea in their backyard enjoying the pretty flowers. While others wrote that they were sitting down with a cup of tea to write their blogs.

So I have decided to purchase some tea and start using my pretty little tea pots.  My question to you is what kind of tea should I buy; loose tea, tea bags, what flavor, or brand?  So all of you tea lovers, help me to become a tea drinker, leave me a comment with your favorite type of tea.  


  1. Well, I especially like Stash tea which comes in bags. I am not a tea connoisseur but if you went to the orient, they have the loose tea and do special ceremonies just to have tea. I, of course, like mine caffeine-free. When I am starting to get a migraine, I drink lemon ginger tea and it actually helps.

  2. I have just found your blog today, and have been having a merry time reading through it. I just came on your tea post and wanted to give a hearty second to your decision to using these beautiful pots for tea. We were introduced to loose leaf tea by our pastor and his wife, and I find that mate teas are wonderful and smooth and taste great with a bit of raw sugar sweetening it. It you have a store called Teavana near you (it is one of those mall type of shops) they have one called 'Matevana' that is very very good. Enjoy your journey finding a tea you like. Harney and Sons also makes wonderful tea, in wonderful little silk tea bags and not crushed really fine. English Breakfast Tea is good.