June 8, 2011

Peony Memories

Hot and humid with a heat advisory, was the weather conditions in Kenosha, Wisconsin yesterday.  The temperatures reached 99 degrees.  Facebook was peppered with photos showing the high temperature. It was a HOT and humid day!  The thermostat is reading 84 degrees right now, and it's not even nine o'clock in the morning.  Forecast for tomorrow is high of 57 degrees with a chance of rain.  I love living in the Midwest.

I went to start the car this morning, and it wouldn't start. It appears that my lights were left on, and it drained my battery. I called my daughter who lives a short distance from me for a ride to school. "Hurry," I said, "I need to be at work before the 7:35 bell."  While waiting outside for my ride, I looked across the street at my neighbors yard and saw her flowers, especially her peonies. Memories of my parents yard quickly came to mind.  A wire white fence surrounded the circle of the most beautiful deep pink and white peonies in their yard. My mother would place a huge vase filled with these pretty pink and white flowers in the center of our kitchen table. I also remember that these flowers were always filled with ants.

Anyway, while waiting for my ride, I decided to take some photos of the neighbors flowers to share with you.

I will wait till the peonies are in full bloom and ask if I can cut some for a bouquet for my kitchen table.  Memories of my mothers flowers made me forget my car didn't start, for a brief moment.


  1. My grandfather grew beautiful peonies. I planted one and it died. He had the green thumb in the family.

  2. @ Ruth, do you remember the peonies in our front yard? They were near our mail box and really pretty. Maybe you didn't visit during the blooming season of peonies. I love those flowers, just beautiful.