June 24, 2011

Charm from Repurposed Shoes

Two days and my daughter will be moving into her new home.  I will spare you the details that she has been through with this move, but I will say it is no easy task to pack up a home when you have two children ages 11 months and 3 years old.

While on the road to visit some thrift and vintage shops I spotted this cute planter that I wanted to share.

I spotted these boots in downtown Kenosha.

PAULADEEN.COM  has direction on how to make this center piece.

e how home offers another article of how to.

Perhaps the new patio at my daughter's house will have a few shoe planters.


  1. The first pair of boots look like my son's first pair of shoes. I still have them and the smaller dainty shoes. I bronzed both pair of shoes. Little memories of little toes.

  2. That is a great way to repurpose and reuse my son's first (child size 10) cowboy boots. He practically slept in them! Now if only I knew where I put them for safekeeping...