June 14, 2011

Changes, Chapters, Challenges

Yesterday changed my life, after twenty three years of working for Kenosha Unified School District, I walked out the school door as a retiree.  Cards, gifts, flowers, tears, hugs and a bunch of promises to keep in touch were exchanged.  I felt loved and appreciated by my coworkers, but I look forward to the new chapters in my life.
The Cheerful Thrifty Door blog has become a fun new challenge for me.  I look, read, and listen to things just a little differently now that I am writing this blog. I also carry my camera in my purse just in case I need a photo for the Door.  I smile when I see that someone has left a comment or is a follower. I enjoy reading and following others blogs.
I am so happy that I will be able to attend rummage sales and estate sales, in the mornings instead of during my forty five minute lunches (I was late returning to school many times) or after the school day was over.  I will finally be able to see the good stuff!
Most important will be the time I can now spend with my family, especially my grandchildren. So the changes, chapters, and challenges of my new life have begun, and I look forward to all of it!


  1. Grandmas become the ultimate babysitters. Enjoy. You now have more followers than me - already. That goes to show you that your writing is fun to read.

  2. Congratulations on your retirement! You will be so busy with your blog, reading other blogs, taking photos, thrifting and spoiling those grandchildren that you will wonder how you ever managed to work!

    I look forward to that day myself, although it is a little farther off than I'd prefer.