June 3, 2011

An Author Who Enjoys Thrifting

One of my favorite authors has a new book that will be released on June 7th, Summer Rental, written by Mary Kay Andrews.  Several years ago I started reading her books and found that  they are entertaining, fast to read, fun books. I love that she has a character in some of her books that is into antiques and estate sales. Looking for a  book to read this summer, I would recommend;  Hissy Fit, Savannah BluesBlue ChristmasDeep Dish, and The Fixer Upper.

Not only is she an author but a "lifelong junker"; read her biography, junking tips, and her blog. Perhaps you will find her as informative and funny as I do. 


  1. Will have a try at her books. I am always looking for a new author that I just devour.

  2. I just finished Seventy-seven Clocks so I am ready for someone new.