June 23, 2011

Reading is a ticket to anywhere

I enjoy reading, in fact, I just finished Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews.  I highly recommend this book for your summer reading. Not only is she a wonderful authoress but a fellow junker. 
I read different types of genres, and I love reading to my grandchildren.  Right now my granddaughter and grandson, who are three years old, want me to tell them the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, a Norwegian fairy tale. I have read the book, watched this story on You Tube, and have retold the story with my own twist many, many, many times. The children's author Robert Munch is another favorite of ours. We read and listen to;  Mud Puddle, Stephanie's Ponytail, and Purple, Green, and Yellow. Our public library has a link on its homepage for, TumbleBooks, which is Ebooks for kids. We love watching the animated books online. See if your public library has a subscription and sit down with your favorite kiddo and enjoy a good book.
What is your favorite book to read with your children or grandchildren?  Will you share your favorite stories? Leave me a title or an author you enjoy in the comment section and I will check them out.  


  1. Mary Kay Andrews is such a popular author that every time I go to the library, all of her books are checked out. Still trying!

  2. @ Ruth; I am so thankful our library has a website that you can search for books and reserve them. That way when the book comes in and you are at the top of the list, they call you and you pick up the book. Try it at your local library.

  3. I just picked up Summer Rental at the library and hope to finish it this weekend. We have the same option at our library; we can reserve online and receive notification when it's our turn for the book. Love this feature!