June 14, 2011

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I decided to go into Illinois with my sweet sister to do a little thrift shopping. I live between Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I have the best of everything within my reach; theater, shopping, museums, Lake Michigan,  major league sports teams, and great thrift stores.  My sweet sisters birthday is June 18th. She received her 25% off your purchase, birthday card from Goodwill.  With high hopes and 25% off we headed for one of my favorite Goodwill store in Mundelein, Illinois. While driving we passed Marytown, in Libertyville, Illinois. Both of us recalled the fantastic rummage sale we attended several years ago at Marytown. I decided to pull in and forced asked my sister to run inside and inquire when the next rummage sale would be.  While she went inside, I grabbed my camera, so I could show you the beautiful grounds surrounding Marytown.

This sign welcomes you to the beautiful grounds of Marytown.

The only church in Lake County, Illinois where you can pray 24 hours a day.

Beautiful statues dot the grounds.

The walkway towards the grotto.

Look close and you can see the tear drop on Mary's face.

Bagged flowers were attached to all of the trees, beautiful.

In the area of Mundelein, Illinois, stop and refresh your spirit at Marytown.  Now back to the reason why I stopped in the first place...  My sister did find out that a rummage sale will be held in October.  Filed that information in the back of our heads.

We arrived at the Goodwill store with high hopes. We left with our 25% off coupon still in my sisters purse.  I did see this purse that I wanted to share with you.  This beauty was in the locked glass case!?! As my sister and I stood in front of the case staring at the purse, yes it is a purse. A customer wanted to see an item in the case.  As the clerk unlocked the case, I politely asked if I could take a picture of the purse. This saddle purse was priced at $39.99.   It did not come home with either one of us, but I am sure somewhere, sometime this saddle bag purse will go home with someone.  

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  1. Marytown is awesome; a beautiful place. Cute saddle purse - never seen anything like it except for real saddles which cost a fortune.