June 17, 2011

Remembered Yesterdays, Cherished Tomorrows

With thoughtful quotes sprinkled around eye catching vignettes Embellished Heart in downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin offers a pleasant experience in shopping.  This shop offers vintage findings and furniture, art and home decor along with unique gifts and jewelry. I had the pleasure of meeting the owners this afternoon, Tori Tarlton and Norma Tarlton and asked if I could take some pictures of their store the Embellished Heart to share on my blog.

Tori holding a mirror with this quote...
Live in the moment knowing you are mortal,
and when in doubt ask; "What would Lassie do?'  Bernie Siegel

I felt like sitting down and having tea and finger sandwiches in this vignette. What a clever idea to embellish the glass jar with a quote. Inside this glass jar was tan and pink netting, twigs with a sweet bird figurine sitting inside.  The quote was written with black marker, which washes right off. Clever idea.

Love the lamp and the caddy with the Siestaware glasses, adorable.

More eye candy.

Notice the silver shoes to the left of the chair, too cute.

Walking around the store looking at the vintage/reto items brought back memories of my childhood.  I noticed several things that we had when I was growing up. Memories. I will be visiting the Embellished Heart again.  Next time I going to buy something that I have my eye on.

I love that apron. It will fit right in with all of my others :-)

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  1. What do you do with all those aprons? Nice photos and a very clever way to write. I'm jealous.