April 25, 2014

You're Never Too Old to Enjoy LIfe

Have you ever met someone and an instant friendship is formed? Well, that's what happened on the day I met Sandy. Her classroom was kitty-corner from my room, she was a sixth grade teacher and I was a technology specialist. She was a country gal from Arkansas, loved horses, and was a math whiz. I am a city girl, and loved anything to do with educational technology. Two very different people that have been friends since the day we met in 1993. I have enjoyed every minute of our twenty one year friendship.

Sandy lives in the county where they own horses, have several paddocks, pole barns, and a small indoor arena.  Imagine my surprise when she told me she participated in rodeos on the weekend barrel racing.

Here is Sandy racing with Minute Man her favorite horse.

She won this saddle in 2006 for barrel racing.

Sandy and Minute Man loved barrel racing, in fact, they raced together for a very long time, Minute Man was getting too old to race and was rewarded with a life of leisure getting lots of sun in the back pasture.

Sandy had trained another horse for barrel racing, but it wasn't the same without her Minute Man.  So at the age of 59 Miss Sandy decided to learn all about mounted shooting. After training her horse and perfecting her skills at shooting, Sandy now is one of the top rodeo balloon shooters in our area.

I have a hard time holding the gun, it is pretty dang heavy, let alone ride a horse and shoot a heavy gun.

Sandy continues to participate in rodeos and is consistently among the top shooters.

Not only am I proud of her horsewomen skills, I am amazed that she can pull this very long horse trailer all over the place. 

Did I mention that Sandy is 62 years old? You know they say that, sixty is the new forty! 

Miss Sandy with her grandson, what a lucky little boy he is to have such a talented grandmother.



  1. I admire your friend's talent and willingness to switch to mounted shooting so Minute Man can compete with her. Well done and I can see why you cherish her.

  2. She sounds like one fantastic person. Sometimes, I think friendships were meant to be.

  3. What a wonderful lady. To be doing this at 62. She looks more like 42.
    Lovely to have a great friendship like this.

  4. What a wonderful friend to have; and I bet she feels exactly the same about her friendship with you. =)