April 8, 2014

Blushing Rose China, I Want It!

The neighbors mother passed away in December, she was in her late 80's and lived in the same house since she was married. The family has taken all of the items that they wanted and are now getting ready for an estate/rummage sale. Since the house was sold, all of the items for sale were brought to my neighbors garage. She called me over to see all of "the junk." 

The first thing that caught my eye was the box of W S George, Blushing Rose box of china.

The gold scalloped edge on the white background with a scattering of the tiny flowers caused my heart to skip a beat. I do believe it was love at first sight.

The W S George company produced this pattern between 1930 and 1945. The company went out of business in the late 50's.

Inside the box was a large oval serving platter, two smaller platters, three vegetable bowls, four different sizes of bowls, three various sizes of plates, cups and saucers, and a creamer that had the lid to the sugar bowl on top of it.  

I believe this was a service of eight, but most pieces had six and seven pieces remaining. I just love these dishes. 

When I look at these sweet dishes it evokes happiness and thoughts of warm summer days on the patio eating lunch watching the children play in the backyard. Please note it evokes this feeling, in reality I use paper plates and plastic cups when we eat on the deck, not a patio, and I usually am yelling stop throwing sand it will get into someone's eyes.

Several times Darlene said to me, "if you like them take them, no one will want to buy them at the rummage sale." I know different someone will happily scoop them up. 

I certainly don't need this set of dishes, but I really, really WANT them.

Here a a few more iPhone photos that I snapped of items for sale.

The smalls will be brought over for the sale sometime this week, I am looking forward to seeing those items.



  1. I'm so envious right now, look at all that treasure right next door! The dishes are so lovely, I know how it is to want something but not need it, the want usually wins! I bet the smalls with be fabulous!

  2. If your neighbor called you to come over to look, then she wants you to "shop." Bet you can make a good deal and find a good place for those cuties. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. It is sad that her children do not know the value of antiques or value of well made furniture. The china set is worth a lot. It sounds as if they are just trying to get rid of all those old treasures.

  4. Oh Paulette, my heart is thudding and skipping beats more than it usually does! All of that beautiful furniture, just waiting for someone to love it and enjoy it again.
    Maybe you could buy the dinnerset and get rid of another one that you don't love quite so much.

  5. What treasures these pieces are!!!!...:)JP

  6. Oh....my.......goodness! I would be in heaven!

  7. I love those dishes, so pretty! You should take them : ). I really love the red chair/step ladder, awesome.