April 9, 2014

It Was A Free For All

At rummage sales I always look inside the box of items marked 'Free for the taking,' and I love getting free sample size handouts at the grocery store.

So yesterday morning when I saw this post on Facebook I was thrilled.

A quick phone call to my friend telling her that the store opens at 10 am, but I couldn't go to the store until 1 pm. She is such a good friend she waited for me to go with her.

We arrived at the thrift store, confirmed with the sales associate that everything was free, took out our shopping bags and searched through the remaining items at the store. 

Here are my FREE treasures. . .

Love, love, love milk glass and this unmarked English hobnail compote dish was the first item placed in the bottom of my bag.

The edges on these glass pieces caught my eye, so delicate and pretty, useful, and don't forget free!

This polychrome transfer ware by Royal Staffordshire  Pottery has a border of farm implements, rakes, hoes, wheat stalks, a wicker beehive, and ivy. The inside of the plate depicts a rural scene of a family have a picnic. Such a lovely plate, I'm going to start to seek out this plate at the thrift shops.

I also picked up these less than perfect platters and plates that caught my eye, I will put them to good use and love them. I think they are pretty just the way they are.

I found a use for one of my treasures right after it was washed and dried, and it was the perfect size.

I can only imagine what was on the shelves when the store opened at 10 am, but I had someplace special to go to that morning, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.



  1. You do not hear of free things at a store very often especially all the things that you got. It was just like Christmas!

  2. Great freebies! Aren't you the lucky one! Looking forward to your post tomorrow. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. I've never heard of a store offering all free items! Love the treasures you picked up, especially the plate with farm tools. That would look great hung on a wall in my den!

  4. Love that compote and the price? Outrageous! Looks as though you and your friend had a wonderful time.

  5. I cant believe they were being given away! Some great finds!

  6. That was your lucky day, for sure!! You brought home some great things!

  7. Amazing! I've never heard of anything like that before!
    You got some beautiful things.

  8. The picture of the 3 platters- the 2 that are the same pattern were made by Mount Clemens pottery in a pattern called Mildred. FYI

  9. Free, you say? Love it! Those finds are amazing. I especially love those floral platters. Gorgeous.

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting