April 11, 2014

Vintage Sewing Machines

More treasures arrive daily at my neighbors house for the estate/rummage sale of the remaining items from her mother-in-law's house.

Here are three treasures just waiting to be sold at next Fridays sale.

Opening up the lid on the black box, I discovered a sewing machine inside.

Tattered and falling apart was the original instruction manual.

A Hoyt's machine oil bottle was tucked inside the sewing box.

What fun to find it hiding inside the black case, and it is in excellent condition.

The next case had a damaged bottom but held a machine that had fabulous detailing on it.

The medal on the front reads, The Singer Manfg. Co.- A Century of Progress 1933.

This sewing machine came inside a sewing table and is pretty unattractive. I have never seen this brand name before and the matte brown finish is very different from the Singer machines.

This machine uses a knee press, while the Singers have a foot pedal. 

Boxes and boxes of smalls are stacked inside the garage waiting to be unpacked. I can't wait to see what items will be unveiled. 



  1. My mother's mother had a singer sewing machine with a treadle in a beautiful wooden table. My cousin kept giving me a guilt trip that she never got anything from the family so I gave her that machine. She had no idea the value and turned around and sold it. I could kick myself for giving it to her.

  2. Amazing treasures, someone will love them Paulette.

  3. Oh Paulette, if only I lived nearby and had a large enough house, I would rescue so many of those treasures and love them again. I now have 3 old Singer machines; one was a gift from K and A, and I've rescued 2 very old treadle machines. I love them!

  4. We had a sewing machine like the brown one but it was a grey matte finish. Those are beautiful machines, fun stuff!