April 15, 2014

Slanted Closet Floor ~ Problem Sloved

I don't have a membership to the two warehouse stores in my area, it wouldn't be cost effective for my life style, but my sister and friend have memberships and often invite me to go along, I'm more than willing to go.

I like to purchase Kirkland toilet paper from Costco, 30 rolls of paper for $14.99. Kirkland toilet paper was rated number one by Consumer Reports a few years ago. The rolls are wider by almost a half inch from the national brands and have more sheets on each roll, while still being soft.

The problem when buying bulk is where to store the items. Of course, the basement is an obvious choice for storing things, and that is where the toilet paper was stored until I got an idea.

This closet is located in my hallway by my full bathroom, and is above the basement stair well.

Unfortunately, the bottom of the hall closet is slanted so nothing can be stored in that area.

What can I do to make this slanted area a useable space and store my paper products upstairs?

I decided that I would get a tension rod that was in the basement and place it so it would create a resting place for the packaged paper products.

I got some of the paper products stored, but I thought if I could add another tension rod a little higher up I would create a second layer for more storage.

The only other tension rod I had was a flat rod which worked just fine.

The useless slanted bottom of the closet is now being utilized to store all of my paper products.

I now have the connivance of storing my paper towel and toilet paper in what was once a useless space.

Problem solved, and I'm happy with the results.


  1. Now that is a very creative way to make use of space.

  2. How clever! I have a problem storing paper towels and toilet paper when I buy in bulk. Last week a cousin came over and started laughing when she walked by the dining room. We had stacked the paper bundles on top of the piano in the dining room and forgot about it. Have a great day!

  3. Thank you for the Kirkland toilet tissue recommendation, I see people going with it all the time but have never bought it.

  4. Ingenious! A fantastic solution to enable you to use the space.