April 16, 2014

Priscilla Curtains Timeless Elegance

The Pricilla curtains in my childhood bedroom framed the window and floated about as the breeze came through  cooling off the bedroom. I loved those Pricilla curtains when I was a child and I still enjoy the look that these timeless curtains provide even today.

Priscilla curtains consist of two sheer panels that use a standard double rod allowing the curtains to criss cross, or drape across each other. The ruffles and drape usually land in the center of the window. These sheer curtains allow the sunlight to spill into my small guest room.

The Pricilla curtains have a timeless beauty and give my guest room a look of elegance.

I must admit that for, several days I have been playing around trying to get them to drape a little nicer, moving the tie backs up and down the panels, and arranging the ruffles. Not everyone likes the look of Pricilla curtains, including my oldest daughter, but I just love them.
Here the tie backs allow the curtains to drape in the middle of the window.
Moving the tie backs higher exposed more of the window.

Did I mention that the Pricilla curtains were purchased at an estate sale for the only $2.50.


  1. What a deal you got on those lovely curtains! I had no idea those were called Priscilla curtains. I had curtains like that in our living room years ago. They were so pretty and diffused the light of the south windows enough so that it was perfect for house plants!

  2. We had curtains like that in the early 80's but I didnt know they were called that!

  3. Yes, I had Priscilla curtains in every window back in the 80's, too, in my little 1100 sq. ft. house. Oh, the sunlight poured in and my little honeymoon cottage seemed so big! I loved those curtains! Thanks for sharing yours today!

  4. I have some in my bathroom which my daughter never liked but I love them too. We must be related!

  5. LOVE them! I have the same in my spare bedroom! great taste my friend.

  6. Hi, I had them in the main bathroom (rented house) took them off the rod - only one and now after washing I have no idea how to put them back on as there is only one looooooooooong curtain and it does not seem to go on any way I can think of.
    Can you help?