April 7, 2014

Thrift Share

Here's what I found at the thrift shop this week. . .

49¢ coffee mugs 
50¢ Vera scarves
49¢ wooden figures
25¢ children's books

Being Polish, I was thrilled to find the Na Zdrowie coffee mug, which means cheers in Polish, the Ohio Starbucks mugs caught my eye because the of the red inside the mug, no more stains from coffee or tea. After a quick check on eBay, I found that these mugs are selling from $9.99 to $24.99. It appears that Ohio doesn't have as many Strabucks as other states making these mugs a little harder to find. I also learned that these mugs are part of the mugs from the states series. I believe I will be listing these on eBay.

Three Vera scarves with three different logos, great for summer weather.

The wooden figures sit on the bookcase next to my desk and add some color and a little whimsy.

I love children's books and when I can get awesome books to share with my grandkids at such low prices, why not? I will share more about these books on a later post.

I'm excited to link up at these parties.

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  1. Great pics, the Ohio Starbucks mug is unusual? But I am loving your Vera scarfs!

  2. Of course, I love the Vera's - nice - an older one and a ladybug!! Great finds!

  3. Those little wooden figures are adorable!

  4. Love those scarves!

    Bonkers ebay price for the mugs, I think I'd be listing them for a quick buck too! Thank you for linking up x

  5. Great finds. I love the little wooden dolls. You can't find those here because we have a very small Polish community.

  6. Fun finds. Can't find Vera scarves in thrift shops near where I live. Wonder why they are not popular in Louisiana? I haven't even looked for them over here in The Netherlands. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  7. Very cute finds! Love the little wooden dolls!

  8. Great stuff! I love finding Starbucks mugs, just one of my things !