April 14, 2014

Thrift Share

With all of the excitement going on with my neighbors getting ready for their estate/rummage sale, I didn't go to any thrift stores this week, there was enough vintage items for me to see next door.

If you missed those posts you can check them out here and here. I have been helping Darlene unbox and arrange items for the sale. I want to think I'm a good neighbor, but I fear that I am checking out all of the fabulous things before the sale starts so I can purchase items before hand. Shame on me.

There was a box filled with Blushing Rose china by W S George that was being shoved from place to place across the garage floor for several days. I fell in love with this sweet set of dishes, and cringed each time someone pushed the box with their foot to a new resting place.

Darlene knew how much I liked this set of dishes and yesterday she brought it over to my house and gave it to me. I was thrilled beyond words.

I immediately started unpacking the dishes. A thin film of grime clung onto each piece, but I didn't mind one little bit. I placed each piece into hot soapy water gave it a good wipe with a cloth and stuck it into the dishwasher.

Unfortunately, there were a few piece that were broken and chipped. I ended up with these pieces.

Three vegetable bowls, three different serving platters, a creamer, and the lid to a sugar bowl. I will now put the sugar bowl on my thrift shopping want list.

I also have seven complete place settings that have, dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, cup and saucer, soup bowl, a small bowl perhaps a berry bowl, and what I am calling a cereal bowl. I also have extra pieces in case some of the pieces from the place setting breaks.

I am beyond the moon about owning this set of dishes.

There was also a box of assorted silverware, that she marked 25¢ each, so I picked up these items.

I  was fascinated by the intricate design on two of the pieces and the clean, simple line of the other.

More boxes are brought over each day for the sale that will be held on Friday and Saturday. It sure is convenient to be able to thrift shop in my neighbors garage.

Hope you found something this week that makes your heart sing with joy.

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  1. The china is so simple and sweet. The silverware is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them; I love seeing those intricate little details.

  2. Thrifting treasures right next door! Now that's Heaven!!

  3. Love these dishes and silverware...thanks for sharing them at my party last week. You will be featured on Monday at this weeks party.