April 10, 2014

Second Choice

What would keep me away from a thrift shop giving all items inside away for free?

My youngest grandson EJ, look at those beautiful baby blue eyes, invited me to spend the morning with him at his school for special persons day.

Sitting with his classmates listening to directions about the days activities.

Our first station was puzzles. EJ enjoys putting puzzles together and is quite good at it.

More puzzle fun.

Next stop was playing in the bean container.

Of course, they had a book fair where the special person can purchase a book or several for the child.

Recess! Swinging.



And tetter tottering.

Washing up before lunch.

A song settles them down before a prayer and lunch.

Chicken quesadilla, carrots, and apple wedges.

No event is complete without a selfie.

As I was leaving I thanked EJ for inviting me to special persons day and told him how much fun I had. He looked at me and said, " I really wanted mama, but she couldn't come so I asked you." Hmmm, thanks Elliott, I love you too.

My youngest daughter and EJ's mom is expecting her baby in 26 days. That will make EJ the middle son and my sixth grandchild. Exciting times are ahead.


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  1. Oh, EJ. You don't know what a sweet gran that you have! She could have been loading up on more of those FREE goodies. Paulette, I think some other grans have been told similar stories. He is such a cutie! Hug him for me. Linda@Wetcreek Blog