June 12, 2011


My treasures .....

This Johnson Brothers oval serving bowl was waiting for me at the Goodwill with a price of sticker of $2.99.  I can see some summer fruit being served in this dish, not to big but not to small.  A perfect sized bowl for me.

I loved the designs of these two small square scarves found at a 
neighborhood rummage sale, $1.00 each.

Dennison Flower Book - how to make and arrange beautiful Crepe Paper flowers, dated 1963. As I was flipping the book pages I was amazed that someone could be that talented to make flowers form crepe paper that could look so real.  For 50¢ I brought it home to take a closer look.

Kraft Grape Jelly Jar Bear, stamped 1988 on the bottom. 
Cute for holding candy for my grandchildren and only 25¢.

 I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted a rummage sale on a Sunday. In my area, Sunday sales are few and far between, screeching to a stop, I walked up to the garage and found these Scottie dog planters. Nothing was priced, and that always makes me nervous. The price was 25¢ a piece! The ladies were so nice, the things they were selling belong to their grandmother.
Grandma wrote on the bottom of the sitting Scottie planter that it had
been purchased in Florida, August 16, 1952.

These two figurines just made me smile and for 25¢ each I had to have them. 

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  1. You are the guru of thrifty finds.

  2. Cool dogs. I love those old ceramic figurines.

  3. Anything that makes you smile is worth the price...well, up to a point. 25c is WELL below that point.

    Great find with the scotties.

    I just saw that you live in Kenosha!
    I went to UW-Pksd once upon a time.
    I love their craft shows, summer and Christmas.

  4. I love that floral serving bowl. It is such a beautiful piece. You found some other wonderful treasures too. I'm envious!

  5. What terrific finds. The scarves are tres chic and the yellow doggies, just precious. Glad to have found your blog and am following. Come by and say hello sometime.

  6. I hate it when things aren't priced! I love it when someone writes something about the piece on the bottom!

    I couldn't have resisted the Scotties either.

  7. I am so jealous of those Scottie dog planters. I LOVE them! Of course, since I have two Scotties I am a bit partial to them. :)

    I really don't like it either when stuff isn't marked. I think I'm less inclined to buy things because you hate to ask about every little thing.

    Glad you asked on those Scottie dog planters, though. They are so sweet and the price was incredible!

  8. fun finds!
    the Joyful Thrifter

  9. I think these funky scarves are a great find, my favourite colours, orange and green! Lovely treasures this week.