March 24, 2014

From a Framed Picture to a Pillow

My mother produced beautiful needlepoint, crewelwork, and embroidery I wrote a blog post about a crewelwork piece she made for my father if you are interested you can read it here.

When I'm thrift shopping and see someones handiwork for sale it tugs at my heart. I know how much my mother enjoyed doing her handiwork. I also know how much time, patients, and talent it takes to produce a finished piece.

In February I found a beautiful piece of embroidery, removed the frame and washed it. You can read and see more photos from my original blog post here.

My sister can do handiwork as my mother did me not so much, sad but very true. So I asked my sweet sister if she would turn this piece into a pillow for me. My inspiration came from Scarlet at The Finished Article, if you haven't read her blog take a few moments and visit her. 

My sister used muslin for the back of the pillow, which was almost a perfect match, and I purchased the fringe on sale. I think it turned out beautifully.

Looks so nice on the bed in my guest room.

Thank you my sweet sister for a job well done.


  1. Oh that is just beautiful! I have a love for old linens and have quite a few pieces that would look great turned into a pillow. Great inspiration, I might just have to try this.

  2. Beautiful work! You sound like me and my Mom - she could do just about any crafty thing out there - me, not so much!!!

  3. That is beautiful, Paulette, and so nice to be using that pretty piece of handwork!

  4. She did an excellent job along with your choices too. Very pretty.