March 20, 2014

Bedframe Redo

A forgotten treasure was lurking in my basement (aka the dudgeon of doom) for over fifteen years. While I was carrying items from my three bedrooms, down into the basement during my remodel, my eye caught sight of the post sticking up behind a dresser. I set my boxes down and scooted the dresser away from the wall. I had forgotten all about the full size four post bed frame.

After a quick look I realized why it was shoved behind a dresser against the wall in my dudgeon of doom, it was in bad shape. 

My third bedroom is small and is used as a guest room and a dumping ground. The small room had no style or flair. A twin bed on a metal frame, no headboard, a small dresser, and a small ladies sewing rocker. 

I mentioned to my daughter that I saw the frame in the basement, and she suggested having it refinished for the guest room. We all know that I do not possess a DIY gene, my heart and head are willing, but disaster seems to be attached to every project I attempt.

One afternoon with my camera in hand, I stopped in at a refinishing shop in my town. I showed the man my photos and was given a quote of $500.00 for the head board, foot board and two side slates to be pickled white. I left feeling defeated because in my mind,  I already had decorated that room with the four poster bed the focal point.

The painter was three days away from finishing his painting and the carpet layers were scheduled the morning after he finished. The end was in sight, and I was anxious to return home, I stayed at my daughters for two weeks during the final stages of the remodel, but the bed frame was still stuck in my head. My daughter suggested I ask Frank the painter if he would spray it white. With a sigh, Frank easily agreed, but the schedule had to be pushed back by two days.

See the transformation that happened.

I was not the only person who was thrilled with the way the bed frame turned out, Frank was very proud of his work and rightfully so. Frank would exclaim that it looks better than something from Pottery Barn. The cost Frank charged me for sanding and spray painting was just pennies on the dollar. Thank you Frank it turned out beautifully.


  1. Your whole house will have a brand new look.

  2. It's beautiful! Wish Frank lived around here!

  3. Oh wow! Frank's paint job of your bed frame is better than most I have seen on decorating blogs. The bed frame is a jewel! Linda @Wetcreek Blog

  4. Blimey I'm reeling from that 500 dollars quote! Completely bonkers. WEll done Frank, it's a beauty. xx

  5. Well done Frank, and well done you for not giving up on your idea of having it painted!