March 13, 2014

What a Difference a Door Makes

During a remodel, there are many decisions and choices that need to be made, choosing what color, style, or type of materials you want to use was a daunting task for me.

I had already decided that I wanted my doors and woodwork to be white. My ranch style home doesn't have a lot of square footage and white doors and woodwork would give my rooms a bright, fresh look.

After living with flat construction grade doors for over thirty five years, I had to make several trips to my local hardware stores to see all the different styles that were available. Everyone likes six panel doors, since I had five doors in my short hallway, I thought it would be just too much, so I decided on solid wood two panel doors.

After choosing what type of door I wanted, I thought all the rest of the decisions would be a snap. Never in a million years did I think deciding on a door knob would be so painful. Did I want silver, gold tone, brass, or oil rubbed knobs? Did I want a knob or lever handle? Who knew there were different styles of knobs and lever handles!

After several phone calls to my daughter and sister, I narrowed down my choices, but now I had to Facetime (video chat with my iPhone) first my sister and then my daughter. I made my final selection for my door handles, but, of course, they were out of stock on my first choice. This style was my second choice. I am very happy with it.

I ultimately decided on a lever handle because if your hands are full you can use your elbow to push down the handle for the door to open. I choose oil rubbed knobs because they won't show the dirt from my little grand children's dirty hands!

All the light switches and outlets were changed to white with inexpensive white plastic cover plates. I felt no need to have fancy plate covers, this suits me just fine.

This is what two of the bedroom closet doors looked like before replacement.

This is my computer/playroom, the closet door had 1970's sliding doors.

The contractor had to do a lot of work to frame in this closet so double doors could be installed. 

I was pleased with the end result and was thrilled to be able to see the whole closet at the same time.

The updated double doors and woodwork certainly changed the appearance of this room.

The woodwork around my doors and floors was also construction grade with little personality.

This style of woodwork had some detail and was within my budget. I liked the look of the wider more intricate woodwork, but the cost difference was substantially different. 

I am pleased with my choices and the look that new doors and woodwork gave me.

In my guest bedroom and the computer/play room, I replaced the 70's ceiling lights with lights that had more style.

In my bedroom I needed to replace the ceiling fan, that was originally in the kitchen ten years ago. I enjoy the movement of air that a ceiling fan provides, but I'm not a fan of the five paddle blades that fill the ceiling. So when I spotted the fandelier my heart fluttered with happiness. It even has a bedside remote control. 

As these rooms are put back together and decorated, I will show you the whole room.



  1. Fandelier! Love it! And the rest of your choices are super, too. So happy for you and know that choosing even the door handles was a "job." But you did it! Nice job! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. What a difference those beautiful doors make! And I love the lever handles. Beautiful.

  3. I LOVE your fandelier, what a super idea! The doors and woodwork look wonderful but it's your lever handles which really pull the look together.

  4. A fandelier. I never knew there was such a thing. Lovely doors and handles. Good choice Paulette. xx

  5. I love all the changes you've made and I love the "fandelier". I haven't ever seen one before. What a great idea!


  6. That fandelier is exactly what I would like to get to replace one of those 5 paddle fans in a bedroom. It is very attractive.

  7. Nice choices! You've done a great job:)

  8. The doors make a huge improvement...great picks,...:)JP

  9. It looks fabulous, and I love the fandalier!

  10. It's looking great! Haha! And you think its daunting to pick out bits and bobs for a new home, try building a new home and trying to find vintage bits and bobs so it looks like its 60 years old! YEASH! I really like your "Fandiliere" that is SO cool and it looks so nice! Even has a remote control?! Now THAT'S the way of the future!

  11. Where did you purchase the fandelier? I cannot find the name/style or brand information online?