March 31, 2014

Design Challenged and In Need of a New Couch

Sitting smack dab in the middle of the longest wall in my living room is an explosion of flowers.

These flowers would look stunning in a vase, but sadly that is not the case. These flowers adorn the couch that I purchased over fifteen years ago.

Each morning as I walk down the hallway towards the kitchen, the first thing I see is the flower and stripe couch. Were flower couches in style back in the 90's? 

I have decided that the couch will go into the basement, also known as the dungeon of doom, so that the grandchildren will have somewhere to sit, and probably would jump on while playing with the toys.

I have been looking  for a new couch. I haven't had the need to enter a furniture store for many years, perhaps fifteen, and was surprised by all of the styles that were available. 

I had decided that I would like a leather couch, but family and friends were quick to point out that leather was cold, and a poor choice with five grandchildren and another one on his way.

My oldest daughter thought that a sectional with a chase on the end should be the way I go. We never seem to have enough seating in the living room when we are all together.

So my dear blogger friends I would appreciate if you would sound off about couch styles and fabric, it appears that the only taste I have is in my mouth.

The leather couch is easy to clean if a spill happens, I am the grandma that lets the kids eat and drink in the living room. It's a big enough couch to lay down on to take a nap and watch television.

This is a sectional is called a cuddle couch, notice the left side of the sectional is angled and provides a nice little area to snuggle into.

Both of these choices allows me to select a fabric of my choice for my finished couch. 

While walking around the showroom I stumbled upon this piece of furniture that I immediately fell in love with for my kitchen.

This is a rather small wall that sits between the back door entrance into the kitchen and the entrance from the living room to the kitchen.

I can envision this piece in my kitchen adding a pop of color and extra storage.  What do you think? Too much pattern, is the color too much?  Will this piece become another flowered couch for me? Any and all suggestions are very appreciated.

Today is my cousins Ruth's birthday, she is the author of Dian's Timpanalley blog, if you have a chance stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday.


  1. We bought a new couch with chaise end ( like your daughter suggested). It will be delivered tomorrow. The entire thing makes into a full size bed. We don't need more beds here at the Beltway apartment. I will place photos on my Wetcreek Blog. My suggestion for the cabinets is to stay away from the figured cabinet. I love it, but will you in 10 years? Happy furniture shopping! Linda

  2. Thanks Paulette. I think if you fall in love with a piece of furniture that you will always like it especially a wood design. I have never had a flowered couch and I must say, I would probably get tired of looking at it. I don't have that problem because the couches I have bought only seem to last me about 10 years. My daughter said I would get tired of my green carpet in my room and after almost 20 years, I am ready to put in new carpet in a different color.

  3. I feel your pain, we got rid of our flowered couch and loveseat last year, I could hardly stand to look at it any more, it looked so old fashioned and it was!!! Leather is very in fashion right now, that surely seems to be most of what they carry in the furniture stores. We found a lovely cloth set, couch and loveseat, once again, love it!! I hope those flowered sets never come back in style!! Good luck on your hunt!!