November 28, 2012

By My Mother's Hand

In my post on Tuesday titled, Feed the Birds I told you about the love my father had for birds, in particular the cardinal. 

My mother loved doing needlework projects, she embroidered, did needlepoint and enjoyed crewel work.  I suspect that her crewel work  of the cardinal on  evergreen branch was made for my father's pleasure.

For the winter months, my mother's handiwork will hang on my living room wall.  I wanted to share some photos of the cardinal she made.
This is the same kind of bird that would frequent our bird feeder.

Several of the evergreen needles, pine cones, and birds
nest is raised to give it a three dimensional look.

My daughter thinks I should reframe this piece, but I like the 70's frame.
I am so happy to have several items that were made by my mother, this is one of my favorite treasures.


  1. Oh, isn't it a treasure to have things like that? My Grama loved cardinals so whenever I see them I think of her. A beautiful piece of your Mom's handiwork for this season!

  2. treasures, indeed
    my mother and grandmother crocheted doilies, tatted collars, and hand-sewed quilts. they are my treasures, especially since my mother has macular degeneration now and can't do things with her hands any longer
    we LOVE cardinals, too

  3. My mother also did many, many crewel, embroidered, needlepoint, and cross-stitch pictures. I have quite a few hanging around my house and even more in drawers. These days she likes to crochet "lap blankets" which she takes to nursing homes.

    Your cardinal piece is lovely and perfect for winter time. Cardinals are some of my favorites, too. Actually, they are our state bird in Virginia. We have many of them that visit our feeder and they are just beautiful.

  4. What a lovely piece. It's quite a treasure you mother gave you.

  5. I love this, so beautiful and so special that your mother made it for your father. I wouldn't change the frame either.